In Texas, Deregulation Is Helping Commercial Electricity Rates Fall

The electricity market has been dominated by large companies who have been able, through increased government regulation, to buy up any smaller electrical providers and control the market in some form of monopolistic manner. For several decades, federal consumer departments have ignored the stifling effect monopolies have had on the consumer. Electrical rates have gone up, generally with governmental approval. There has been very little recourse for these actions. This problem is beginning to be noticed. The electrical market has begun the process of deregulation which is beginning to allow for more competition in the marketplace. In Texas, commercial electricity rates are beginning to fall, making large quantities of electricity at lower rates for the consumer. Still, many commercial companies are not satisfied with their commercial electricity rates in Texas, and they are choosing to do something about it. Many commercial companies who have large warehouses are beginning to use alternative sources of energy production for their consumption. One of the major ways companies are compensating for their energy uses is the installation of solar panels. The government has major tax credits for companies who are turning to solar power. Not only are companies finding ways to lower their dependency on the "grid," but they are saving a lot of money in the process. Many home-based businesses can do the same thing, too. Share