3 Reasons You Need Corporate Video Production For Your Company

There are countless reasons why a business might need corporate video production. Whether it's to increase brand awareness, create a new marketing campaign, or simply educate employees on company policies, video is an incredibly powerful tool that should not be underestimated. This article will explore three of the most important reasons why your business should invest in corporate video production. It Is an Effective Form of Marketing Available Today In the age of social media and digital marketing, it's more important than ever to have a strong video presence.

New Machine Vision Technology Automates Industrial Inspection

There are many different machine vision technologies employed when it comes to manufacturing and industrial processes. These can range from object-avoidance systems to industrial inspection processes. The goal is an environment where machines handle the tedious inspections and processes so that humans can focus on more value-added tasks.  How Machine Vision Works Machine vision is an image-based method of automating the inspection and evaluation of products. It is implemented in various ways, such as stand-alone systems or as part of a larger solution.

Features You May Want When Buying New POS Systems

The point-of-sale system that your business has installed will be some of the tools that your employees will use the most frequently. Modern POS systems can offer a range of advanced and practical features that can help your workers. Inventory Management Capabilities A POS system that is connected to the inventory for the business can make it easy for your workers to review whether products are available when customers ask. Unfortunately, business leaders might assume that it will be difficult to keep this feature functional, as they may assume they will need to spend a lot of time inputting inventory orders and other information into the software.

Positive Applications Of GIS Solutions For Businesses Today

Now more than ever is it important for companies to take advantage of geographical data. That's what a GIS (geographical information system) is designed to do. Using GIS solutions, your own company can benefit in a couple of ways. Keep Track of Customer Addresses When providing services or products to customers, you want to go out of your way to know everything about them. That may include where they live. Thanks to GIS solutions, you'll be able to manage these geographic insights on customers that shop with your company.

Guide For Property Owners Dealing With In-Building Public Safety Coverage

In-building public safety coverage is concerned with communication abilities between people inside buildings and first-responders tasked with helping during emergencies. There needs to always be clear communication, regardless of where people are inside a building. If you're a property owner, use this guide to get a better handle on this safety aspect.  Stay Up to Date With Requirement Changes With in-building public safety coverage, requirements for it tend to change. That's why you want to do your best to stay up to date with these policy changes, not just to comply from a regulatory standpoint, but to ensure your building has the right communication systems for emergency scenarios.