Of Didbits and Doodads

With all the many innovations being made, there are so many so-called didbits, doodads, thingamabobs, and doohickeys puttering around. Where do you begin? How does anyone make sense of computers these days? Luckily, there are people specifically trained to understand all the computer parts, and so there are people who know what they are talking about in regard to the various little computer parts. There are people who are professional, well-paid experts on every type of didbit you could possibly imagine.


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Once you learn all you can from this site, why not learn more? Check out books on whichever subject or gadget interests you. Read periodicals and articles about advances in technology and the state of the many industries surrounding it. Take an IT guy out to lunch with you, and ask him all of your questions over coffee and sandwiches. (Always remember kids, well-fed IT department is a happy IT department). Knowledge is power, and it never hurts to expand your mental hard drive.


Hullo, IT

Some computer lovers even keep old models, tinkering with them long after innovations in the industry have made these dusty old parts obsolete. What can I say, some people are old softies. But those old softies often grow up to become the people in IT who fix the problems of professionals everywhere, every day. While it is true that there are valiant IT professionals waiting to jump to the rescue every day, it never hurts to have a little basic knowledge of how your computer works.


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