Keep Your Grounds Clean With FOD Master Products

Small aircraft can be seriously damaged by FOD. As a matter of fact, FOD is one of the most common causes of harm to aircraft on runways, but there are products to help battle this problem. FOD Master products are a line of magnets that are used to combat the problems that ground crews face on a daily basis. They can be used as a single unit, or for larger operations, they can be used as a set of magnets to attack the problem of FOD on a runway. On a smaller runway, having just one FOD master magnet can make the difference. It is a piece of equipment that will allow the ground crew to be able to quickly remove any FOD. Foreign Object Debris can cause thousands of dollars of damage to aircraft and equipment. FOD master providers also have rock sweeper magnets that will remove all this debris and leave your runway clean. For larger runways, having just one FOD master may not be sufficient to do the cleaning job that is needed. This is why there are models that can be combined with as many as three units, and this will allow you to clean 12 feet of runway in just one pass. The FOD master systems are the most efficient way for your ground crews to clean runways quickly. Share