Checking Out Avaya Phone Systems In Boston

When I started trying to think of ways to improve our workflow in our office, it occurred to me that one of our biggest problems was the phone system that we were using. I realized that there were a few problems as far as people answering the phones, and people being able to hear customers, and sometimes people would get so frustrated with us that they would hang up and not call us back. I talked to my boss about the budget for replacing the phones, and he told me not to spare any expense and to get really nice avaya phone systems in Boston for our office. He told me that avaya phone systems in Boston were capable of a lot more than our phone systems were, and that they could even be programmed to provide the customers that called in a route to get to the right department and everything. I thought that sounded like an awesome idea, and so I started looking around for the right phone system for our office. I was really impressed with the phone systems that my boss had recommended. They were really intuitive, and they worked incredibly well. I bought several of them for our office and so far everyone has been really happy with them. Share