Essentials For Getting A Job In Cell Tower Repair

My younger brother is thinking about applying for a career in the field of cell tower repair. Before he gets a job, though, there are a couple things that he needs to consider about his future career. First of all, most cell tower repair jobs require that the individual climb to the top of the towers, some of which reach heights of over 500 feet tall. Cell towers work on the principle of line of sight, which is to say that their signal can't pass through any earthly barrier. Because repairmen are scaling these towers on a regular basis, these individuals need to have no inhibitions when it comes to heights. There is nothing worse than getting to the top of a tower and becoming so paralyzed by fear that you can't get down. My brother loves heights, so there is no worry that he will have a fear of tall towers. Finally, getting a job in cell tower repair requires that the individual have an extensive knowledge of electronics and communication systems. Cell towers transfer information through the use of electronic waves. The frequency of the waves determines the channel of the cellular signal. Intimate knowledge of how these channels and frequencies work determine how well the individual can do his or her job. In my brother's case, he has a little bit more studying to do, but then he will be completely ready for a job in the field of cell tower repair. Share