The Miracle Of Data Conversion

You may be asking yourself, "What in Heaven's name is data conversion?" Well, data conversion is when computer data is converted from one type, or format, to another. This might be involved when somebody selects the "open with" option in their right-click menu. Computer data conversion is of the utmost importance. Yesterday, I downloaded a file to my computer, which I was required to sign in PDF format, and return to my requester. Usually, this would be a simple enough task for a somewhat-tech-savvy person such as myself. However, no matter what I tried, whenever I attempted to click on the "Sign Here" line, the cursor would jump somewhere else on the page. Needless to say, this was excruciatingly frustrating. However, after deciding that feverishly clicking on the line, casting my monitor dirty looks, and wishing doom on all technology would not particularly help me get the work done, I tried a simple data conversion. Rather than opening the PDF in Adobe Reader, I opened it in Microsoft Word. In Word, I was able to sign it, then save it again as a PDF and upload it. Data conversion saved me much blood, sweat, and tears. However, data conversion does much more than save innocent computer-users the agony of not being able to sign PDFs. Data conversion allows pictures to be uploaded, photos to be edited, documents to be written, and time to be saved. The miracle of data conversion helps us all a great deal in our daily computer ventures. Share