On The Side Phone Screen Repair In Tallahassee FL

I specialize in doing phone screen repair in Tallahassee FL. I have been doing this as a side business ever since 2009, when I was required to repair the screen on my iPhone after dropping it in a parking lot and cracking the screen. It turned out that it was something that I had a knack for and I started helping my friends by repairing their screens. Pretty soon, I started advertising online and have been doing phone screen repair in Tallahassee FL ever since. I have experience with all types of smartphones, including iPhone, Galaxy, HTC, and Blackberry. Whatever the issue, I can fix it for you. There are many reasons why screens break, including dropping your phone, water damage, heat damage, and cold damage. I can remedy any of these issues, and at very competitive pricing. Plus my turnaround time is roughly one third that of the major retailers. As I keep of supply of the parts of all leading phone models, I am ready to fix your phone's screen with little to no notice, with guaranteed 24-hour turnaround. I also offer a money back, no questions asked guarantee if there are any persisting issues with the screen. Share