Fusion Splicers: Remaining Accurate And Precise

Fusion splicing is the process of connecting two different optical fiber cables together by utilizing a heat source. Fusion splicers are the piece of equipment by which this process is completed. These devices are most commonly available in two different styles, a fixed splicer and a portable splicer. A fixed splicer is one that is attached to a base and can't be moved, while a portable splicer can be carried around anywhere and used in a variety of locations. Whichever option you chose, when utilizing this equipment it is very important to pay attention to being accurate. In order to properly complete fusion splicing, it is very important that you are accurate and precise. Even the smallest of error while using fusion splicers can cause extensive damage. For example, all data will be loss and the light will either scatter or reflect, virtually destroying each of the two cables. You can ensure that you are precise when using this equipment by ensuring that you have received proper training first. Never try to use a fusion splicer until you have been adequately trained. It is equally important to ensure that you are taking your time when using this equipment as well. Fusion splicing should never be rushed in order to ensure a high level of accuracy. Share