Best Cameras Point And Shoot- What To Look For

Most people simply assume the most important criteria when choosing a camera is the megapixel count. This may have been true a few years ago, but with the changing technology, the important factors change as well. Megapixel count will determine the resolution of your image but all the best cameras point and shoot will have more megapixels than you know what to do with. One of the most important elements of a point and shoot camera is the response time. In other words, how quickly can the camera be turned on and a photograph be taken. If you carry your camera around with you everywhere, that extra second may be the difference between a perfect shot and a lost shot. Another more obvious feature that you want to look for is portability. Many of the best cameras point and shoot have gotten bigger to compete more directly with the SLR line of cameras. However, most people still prefer the pocket sized camera so they have the ability to take it in most situations. It's all about maximizing performance versus ease of use. You have to find something that is worth taking pictures with, at a size that is convenient for you. Share