Shared Web Site Hosting - What Is It?

When you want to establish a web presence, you need to purchase a computer to host your website on. Essentially, whenever someone types in your address, it will direct to that computer which will display the text and graphics of your website. Purchasing an entire server just for your website can get awfully expensive however. This is known as dedicated web hosting. The more affordable option is called shared web site hosting. This means that more than one person purchases part of the server and all the sites are run at the same time together. This comes with a list of pros and cons. The biggest pro is the huge reduction in price. Shared web site hosting plans can be incredibly economical and are a great way to get established. The biggest con of this type of set up relates to performance. If your site commands a ton of traffic, you will need a dedicated host. Essentially, on a shared hosting plan, another site could bring your site down. If another site receives a huge spike in traffic, it will impact the performance of your site. In almost all cases, this is never an issue. It only affects those with huge traffic needs. Share