The Best 7 Inch Android Features

Tablets are truly the way of the future in terms of computing. You can get virtually all of your business done on a tablet. Many are opting for the lighter and more agile 7 inch tablets instead of the 10 inch version. The best 7 inch android tablets are in a class of their own providing tremendous value and performance in a small package. It is almost unthinkable the amount of things we can do with a tablet that we couldn't do with a computer just five years ago. The best 7 inch Android tablet features include full-screen browsing, GPS, and location services. Full-screen browsing is essential on a 7 inch tablet because you need to maximize the smaller screen real-estate. While the 7 inch is perfect for browsing in landscape mode, many prefer to hold their tablet in portrait mode. Without full-screen, you could be sacrificing some extra space on either side. GPS is another killer feature to have on your Android tablet. Being able to use location applications as well as a traditional GPS allows you to take your tablet experience to the next level. Imagine a tablet that could email your wife and tell her you were on the way home every time you left the office! These location features are incredible and a big part of the appeal of the modern tablet. Share