Purchasing The Right Sound Mixer For Your Home Recording Needs

I have been playing music and writing songs now for the past thirty five years. I recently sent a demo tape away to different publishing houses to see if they'd like to record one of my tunes. I did get some feedback from one company out from the Los Angeles area. Their screening people contacted me and expressed interest in using a couple of things off of one of my demo CD's. However, they were wondering if I could redo the recording and send another disc. I immediately went out and invested in a quality sound mixer for my home recording studio. I didn't need a lot of channels because I could lay down tracks one at a time. But I did have 16-track digital recording software, so the sound mixer I purchased needed to offer at least 24 inputs and 8 subgroups. I also wanted to make sure that there were multiple loops for sound effects, compression and digital processing. The sound mixer I bought had a main effects send and four auxiliary channels that I could use for the final mix. I just completed the new demo CD and it sounds fantastic. I think in this case, spending a little money could definitely make me a lot of money if the songwriting firm accepts my material. Share