Shopping For A Dell HP-D1301E0 130W Power Supply

My husband has a new hobby: building computers. There is just something about it that he loves. He loves watching tech videos on the internet, and educating himself on all the latest motherboards, video cards, disc drives, and power supplies. He then takes his knowledge and uses it to build us computers that are faster, bigger, and better than anything we could buy online. Recently, my husband bought a Dell HP-D1301E0 130W power supply for his next computer build. He did a lot of searching online, and decided that this particular power supply would be best for the computer based on the amount of amps that it uses and its size. Evidently, some parts have differing power requirements based on their manufacturer. For instance, the video card in our first computer needed more power than what the power supply in our second computer could give it. So when my husband switched the video cards in these two computers, he also had to switch the power supplies. So when it comes to power supplies, you need one that will provide the computer with enough juice to run the individual parts, but not so much that you will be wasting power. However, the Dell HP-D1301E0 130W power supply that my husband has chosen will provide the computer with just enough power so as to be completely efficient. Share