Inexpensive Iphone Replacement Parts

The iPhone is such a popular phone so I thought that finding parts would be expensive. My screen broke and I was desperate trying to find the right parts to fix it. Someone told me where I was looking all over to find iPhone replacement parts. Someone told me where I could find them. I told them my screen was broken and they said I could get an extra glass piece with small tool kit to fix it. I was just worried about the price since they left that part out. My phone is fixed I checked out the place someone told me about. The prices weren't bad like I thought they would be. I ordered the repair kit and when it came in the mail I began working on it. There was a lot of little parts but thankfully I found a tutorial. I finally got my screen fixed and I was able to use my phone again. My iPhone was a gift to me so it was pure luck that someone know I was looking for the parts and told me where to find inexpensive iPhone replacement parts. Now I have the tool kit in case my screen ever breaks again. Share