What Is Red Footage?

Red footage is the term used to describe pictures and video that is shot using a Red camera. Red cameras are so special because the resolution offered by the devices is some of the sharpest resolution currently available, with most Red devices having resolution that reaches as high as four to five thousand. These numbers beat High Definition camera resolution by more than one thousand and allow Red digital device users to capture footage in its most raw and potent form. There are several different Red camera models and they are used by professionals and novices alike. Many of the most popular movies and television shows are shot using Red footage. Directors and producers all over the globe choose red footage over other camera options because they know that scenes will then appear clear and gripping. Prices and sizes of Red digital cameras vary tremendously, with some of the most expensive options costing several thousands of dollars. The Red brand can be purchased via many different vendors and also has a very informative website where consumers can buy the products. The business's customer service team can be reached by phone or email and stand ready to provide more information about red footage.