Installing Solid Surface Counter Tops In Merrillville IN

When I was opening a restaurant in Merrillville, I wanted to make sure that the kitchen was a place I would enjoy cooking in. I had hired a few chefs, and I knew that they all took great pride in their work, so I wanted to make sure they were proud to work in the kitchen I was running. After gathering more information, I decided to go with solid surface counter tops in Merrillville IN. The use of a laminate counter top meant that I wouldn't be dealing with a porous material that needed to be sealed regularly, which meant that it would naturally resist heat and mold. I also liked that I could create a trough system along my beverage bar using the solid surface counter tops in Merrillville IN. The material is much easier to mold and customize than granite, because it is much easier to cut. I was able to find large sinks that could be used for dish washing that fit perfectly into the designed cutouts in the counter tops. It was almost as inexpensive as using metal counter tops, but it certainly looked a lot cleaner and more like a home kitchen than your average restaurant. Fortunately, I wasn't getting stuck with the high price and care of granite. Share