Using A Panel PC In Your Retail Space

When I started my stationary company, it was a very small business that was primarily online. I made invitations out of my living room, and had always dreamed of opening a storefront. When I finally had the capital to purchase a storefront, I was worried about how I was going to display the options I had. While I knew that I would have hard copies of the various invitations for the clients to observe, I wanted them to be able to change the items to fit their needs so that they could envision the finished product. I decided to install a panel PC into my store so that we could pull up the various options. My panel PC ended up being a very crucial part of my business. I was able to show options in person and provide personal customer service, but I was able to present a variety like I could online. It truly gave my store the best of both worlds. I was able to change colors and designs on the panel PC before I ordered invitations for my clients, and this actually ended up in a lot fewer returned orders. We were able to make a perfect visual of exactly what was being ordered. Share