Renting A Projector? Consider The Following Specifications

Do you need to rent a projector for an upcoming event, but feel like you're confused about the different projectors available to you? It will help to know what features to look for.


One of the main things you need to consider is the brightness of the projector. The brightness that you need really depends on where you are going to be using the projector. Be aware that home theater projectors are quite different from those used for business purposes since home theater projectors are designed to be used in dark rooms and do not get that bright as a result. Meanwhile, there are other projectors that get a lot brighter because they are designed to be used in settings where they are competing against natural light or when the room cannot be totally blacked out. If you are going to be dealing with natural light, you'll need a brighter projector. 


Consider the content that you are going to be displaying on your projector since that can help determine the resolution that is necessary for your projector. If you are showing a video that is at 1080p resolution, for example, then you are not going to need a projector that is of a higher resolution. The image you are presenting is not going to get better with a higher resolution projector. However, if you are projecting a presentation with smaller text on the screen, you'll likely want that higher resolution to get the benefit of a crisper image. 


The throw is the term used to describe the necessary distance for the projector to be from the screen. Basic projectors are going to have a longer throw, meaning that the projector must be far away from the screen for the image to be projected. This can cause issues with shadows from people walking in front of the projector. A premium projector is going to have a short throw, meaning that the full image can be displayed with the projector being relatively close to the screen. You can set the projector up near the presenter, making things easier as well, with a short cable connecting a laptop and no issues with people walking in front of the projector. 

Not sure which projector you need for your specific situation? Make sure to ask your projector rental company for their assistance, since they can let you know what projector is going to work best for you.